Tanzliste Country und Line dance Fest

Back to the Roots am Nockhof mit „ Smokey Two“


Tanzauswahl für den 14. August 2016 ab 11:00 Uhr

Tanzliste von Annette und Helmut Zangerl


Tush Push                                                               Black Velvet

Cowboy Cha                                                            Dueling Dancers

Chattahoochee                                                       Doctor Doctor


Come Dance With Me                                           Jambalaya

Alligator Rock                                                         Clickety Clack

Good Day To Run                                                   ime To Swing


Wanderer                                                                 Rio

Chica Boom                                                            P3

Okie Dokie                                                               King Of The Road


Mucara Walk                                                           Stitch It Up

Mama Loo                                                               Neon Moon

Leaving Of Liverpool                                             Side By Side


Reet Petite                                                              Black Coffee

The Trail                                                                  Rita´s  Waltz

Rockin´                                                                    Por Ti Sere


Country 2 Step                                                       Just A Minute

Speak To The Sky                                                 Jukebox

Sugar Sugar                                                          J´ai Du Boogie     


Joana                                                                      Urban Living

Rose A Lee                                                            Slappin´ Leather

Cajun Slap                                                             Holiday Samba


Toes                                                                        Galway Girls                                                          

Summer Fly                                                           Boogie Bob

Dream Lover                                                         Sugar Town


Irish Stew                                                               Wishful Thinking  

Just A Memory                                                       Cotton Pickin´ Morning

Beer For My Horses                                             Country Cowboy


Love Trick                                                               Flying 8

Dream Lover                                                          Honky Tonk Twist

Bosa Nova                                                              Honky Tonk Woman


Mercury Blue                                                           Take A Breather

People Are Crazy                                                   Old 97

Walking Backwards                                              Devils Shadow